Vista Village Weather Station

This weather station is on Lot 113 in the Vista Village trailer park, in Boulder Colorado.
Latitude: 40.03 N
Longitude: 105.23 W
Elevation: 5264 feet

The weather station is a Davis Instruments wireless Vantage Pro with a standard radiation shield.

The picture above is of the Integrated Sensor Suite (ISS). The black cylinder in the picture is the rain gauge collector. The temperature and humidity sensor are in the white radiation shield beneath the rain collector. The anemometer and wind vane are on the boom to the left. Davis states that the accuracy is ±1 F for temperature, ±3% for outside relative humidity, ±1 mb in pressure, 0.01 inch for rainfall (one tip of bucket), ±2 mph for wind speed.

An indoor console receives the data from the ISS via a 916 MHz radio link. The console measures the barometric pressure, and the indoor temperature and humidity. A data logger attached to the console saves the data. A linux computer downloads the data from the logger with wview software. The additional indoor temperature is measured by a Phidget sensor. A shell script on the linux computer makes the graphs, collects the statistics, and formats the web page, which it also serves.