Introduction and Explanation

  Welcome to my photo archive! Here you will find JPEG images of most of the photographs in my albums, as well as more recent digital images. There are about 3900 images spanning more than 30 years. Generally the scanned images are 1440x1024 pixels (landscape) or 1027x1440 (portrait). Digital images range from 1024x768 to 3072x2304. Images one quarter of the scanned image size can be found in the thumbnails directory. HTML indexes to the pictures are provided in the html directory. From the image_index you should be able to visit all the indexes. Each thumbnail picture on an index page can be enlarged to full size by clicking on it. Full size images are large enough to use to decorate your computer desktop, or produce a moderately detailed printout, but they do not have as much detail as the original prints. I am giving them away in the hope that they may be interesting or entertaining, but I freely admit that they are not professional quality. You will sometimes see thumbs or camera straps obstructing your view. Poor framing and other errors make these pictures appropriate to illustrate a book about how not to take photographs! You will also find some very nice landscapes and an assortment of amusing and entertaining family photos. It amazes me how young we all used to look. I particularly appreciate wild mountainous landscapes, and you will find quite a broad selection of those. When possible, I have attempted to give some descriptive information about location and timing of the photograph. Look at the names given to related photographs (using the chronological index) and check for date stamps in the lower righthand corners. In many cases I have forgotten exactly when and where the pictures were taken. I also have forgotten the names of some subjects. Feel free to correct me when you know better! These photographs are offered freely for you to play with, make jigsaw puzzles, modify to your own taste, or illustrate your own websites. The only thing I ask is that you not pretend to have taken them. I am distributing them under the GNU general public license, or copyleft, which gives a legal framework to my wishes. I wish to thank Frank Evans, for taking a sizable percentage of these pictures, Gen Gross, for sending me many of her own pictures, and Lonna Evans, for helping me name some of the flower pictures.

                                    Susanna Gross